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Spark Plugs are part of a tuneup

Tune Ups

Vehicle Tune-ups are an important part of Preventative Maintenance.   Your vehicle and its parts will break down over time and with use.  As mentioned in our Preventative Maintenance Service, your vehicle manufacturer recommends when parts should be serviced or replaced.

If your driving habits changed or if  regular Preventative Maintenance Service is not being done, you may need a Tune-up.  Here are some issues that indicate your vehicle may need a Tune-up :

  • Poor gas mileage
  • Slow acceleration
  • Unusual sounds from the engine
  • Indicator lights on your dashborad
  • A/C and heating system

What do we do during a Vehicle Tune-up

  • Replacing the air filter
  • Switching out the gas filters
  • Installing new spark plugs and spark plug wires
  • Inspecting the distributor cap and putting in a new one if needed
  • Examining the blades and installing a new rotor if the old one has splits, burning or carbon build-up
  • Checking the valve-cover gasket and adjusting the valves
  • Inspection and filling all fluids
  • Switching out Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve, if plugged

We have found that vehicles where we perform regular Preventative Maintenance and/or Tune-ups, save car owners money from major repairs caused by avoiding timely attention to small issues.

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For over 45 years, J&J Automotive has been helping drivers in Kingston and the surrounding area maintain their vehicles.

From oil changes, filter replacements, and fluid flushes to brakes and brake repair, shocks and struts, muffler repair, tires, and wheel alignment, our certified mechanics can take care of all of your auto repair and maintenance needs.