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Wheel Alignments

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Wheel Alignments

A wheel alignment ensures your vehicle’s wheels are angled properly, parallel to each other and are all pointing in the same direction.  If your wheels are aligned correctly your vehicle will run smoothly and there will be less uneven tire wear. 

When your wheels are not aligned you may feel a pull to the right and left while driving or vibration in the steering wheel.

This is another car problem that you should get addressed as soon as possible.  The longer you wait the more stress there is on your wheels, tires, suspension and steering.

Symptoms of Improper Wheel Aligment

  • the steering wheel is off centre when driving straight
  • the vehicle pulls to left or right while driving on a straight and level road
  • the vehicle doesn’t hold the road well, feels unstable, wanders from side to side
  • tires are screeching when turning
  • tires wear unevenly

How are Wheel Alignments Done

The process of a wheel alignment is fairly elaborate.  We use a machine that is specifically designed for wheel alignments.  It takes precise measurements and assist in providing corrective angle calculations to correct the wheel alignment.  There are 4 suspension angles that determine the proper wheel alignment: toe, thrust, camber and caster.  Here is an illustration that helps explain what each of these angles contributes to a perfect wheel alignment..

One of the major issues with bad wheel alignment is uneven tire wear which could cause extreme stress on your tire.

When should wheel alignments be done.

When your car is brand spanking new, your wheels are perfectly aligned to the manufacturers specifications.  There is no exact requirements from car manufacturers for wheel alignments but typically after driving your vehicle for 2-3 years you will notice some of the symptoms listed above.  If you are bringing your vehicle in for Scheduled Preventative Maintenance, we will be able to  detect potential wheel alignments issues early.  This may prevent more costly repairs that a poor wheel alignment may cause.

What are the benefits

Making sure your wheels are properly aligned takes knowledge, experience and the proper calibration and measuring tools.  We have all that here at J&J Automotive.  We offer our  Wheel Alignment Service at competitive pricing and we will get it done quickly and efficiently.