Browse a list of J&J Automotive's Repair & Maintenance Services

General Services

Domestic General Repair, Fleet Repairs, Gas, Import, General Repair and 4WD

Under Car Services

Anti-Lock Brakes, Brakes, Chassis, Driveline, Exhaust, Shocks and Tires

Transmission Services

Automatic, Clutches, 4 Wheel Drive, Front-Wheel Drive and Manual

Electrical Services

Batteries, Starters & Alternators

Car Care Services

Fuel Injection, Tune-Ups, Oil, Lube and Filter

Electronic Services

Diagnostics and Drivability Engine Controls

Roadside Assistance

Towing Available

Heating and Cooling

Air Conditioning, Belts & Hose and Radiators

Rust Proofing

Oil Spray Under Coating

Internal Engine Services

Cylinder Block, Cylinder Head, Timing Belts, Heavy-Duty Services, Engine Replacement, Engine Overhaul and Maintenance

Miscellaneous Services

Pre-Emission Check, Motor Vehicle Inspection Station, Fuel Economy Inspection, Pre-Trip Inspection and On-Site Welding

MTO Safety Inspections

Ensure your vehicle is road ready by taking it to the experts at J&J Automotive; a licensed MTO Vehicle Inspection Station.