Browse a list of J&J Automotive's Repair & Maintenance Services

General Services

Domestic General Repair, Fleet Repairs, Gas, Import, General Repair and 4WD

Electrical Services

Batteries, Starters & Alternators

Roadside Assistance

Towing Available

Internal Engine Services

Cylinder Block, Cylinder Head, Timing Belts, Heavy-Duty Services, Engine Replacement, Engine Overhaul and Maintenance

Under Car Services

Anti-Lock Brakes, Brakes, Chassis, Driveline, Exhaust, Shocks and Tires

Car Care Services

Fuel Injection, Tune-Ups, Oil, Lube and Filter

Heating & Cooling

Air Conditioning, Belts & Hose and Radiators

Miscellaneous Services

Pre-Emission Check, Motor Vehicle Inspection Station, Fuel Economy Inspection, Pre-Trip Inspection and On-Site Welding

Transmission Services

Automatic, Clutches, 4 Wheel Drive, Front-Wheel Drive and Manual

Electronic Services

Diagnostics and Drivability Engine Controls

Rust Proofing

Oil Spray Under Coating

MTO Safety Inspections

Ensure your vehicle is road ready by taking it to the experts at J&J Automotive; a licensed MTO Vehicle Inspection Station.